I run and co-run workshops on collaboration and communication for a variety of community organisations, campaign groups and independent businesses. All workshops are tailored to match the host group, venue and event. Get in touch if you are interested in hosting a workshop or finding out about how to run one locally. Need help with your own workshop idea? I am also a trained facilitator and happy to discuss bespoke workshops for your group or campaign.

you make plans we make history

Data Storytelling for Beginners

(designed with Brad Gyori) Many people think that data belongs in the realm of facts, while stories are acts of fiction. Yet the similarities between ‘data’ and ‘storytelling’ can be surprising. This session is designed to help NGOs, small businesses and local councils working with data to bridge the gap between number-crunching and word-smithing.

Social Media Strategy 

This hands-on workshop is designed to help individuals, community organisations, NGOs and campaigners approach their social media practices in more strategic ways. Through a series of interactive tasks, the workshop aims to get you thinking about the best tools and types of engagement to meet your aims. It introduces participants to social media monitoring and how we can reflect on the effects of our online activity. The Social Media Strategy workshop was designed with Ana Adi.

Creative Campaigning
This workshop explores historical and contemporary creative approaches to political action. In the first half we look at key characteristics of creative resistance and how they operate to respond to a particular issue in a specific time and place. In the second phase of the workshop we experiment with these ideas in the present, asking participants to design their own plans for a creative campaign or action. The Creative Campaigns workshop was designed in collaboration with the Creative Resistance Research Network

Visual Communication Skills
This interactive workshop aims to get you thinking about the role visual media–such as flyers, websites and photography–can play in your communication. It offers strategies for doing media outreach and promotion on small budgets, exploring creative ways to expand the knowledge you have about target audiences and communities.

Alternative Media & Writing for Affect 
What makes us find media reports inspiring or depressing, righteously angry or dreadfully boring? When does reading mobilize or motivate us to seek out more information and take action? In this workshop participants consider how ‘affect’ plays a role in alternative publications and social movement activities. We explore ways to bring emotion, sensation and the desire to take action into our media-making through practical exercises.

Fostering Feminist Communities
This workshop engages participants both new to, and familiar with, feminist thought and activism. Divided into four phases, each section of the workshop involves collective and group interaction among participants, asking them to imagine and reflect on feminist values, and organizations that work from these values, to create more equitable and empowered workplaces.

Teaching Exchange Workshops
TE workshops bring together teaching staff across experience levels to exchange insights and best practices, as well as to discuss challenges, setbacks and obstacles they face as teachers (and learners). Through a series of facilitated discussions and practical activities, the workshop brings together the ‘knowledge in the room,’ helping departments to collectivize teachers’ skills and locate what problems are systemic, rather than individual. Find out more on the TE Workshop designed in collaboration with Mehita Iqani.