Feedback & Assessment

Grading Rubrics

essay marking_rubric a standard rubric for undergraduate essays showing grade breakdowns by content component

Rubric for Position Papers a rubric for papers that deal with specific arguments from key texts

Checklist rubric an itemized rubric using a checklist and comments section

Blog post rubric a short rubric to evaluate components of a student blog post. Goes with these guidelines for blogging.

MA Essay_peer review a rubric for peer review at the Masters level designed for a Visual Culture class

Group & Team work

group allocation form a student survey for using intentional group formation, a method for creating small groups advocated in the 1990s by practitioner-researchers of cooperative learning.

Group Tasks sheet descriptions of tasks that each member of a small learning team must take on.

Group Schedule Template a scheduling template for student group members to fill out to find overlapping availability in their weekly schedules.

group mission template a template that lists group tasks, reflections on how the group is working together, and a sign-in sheet for group attendence.

Classroom Clusters_group managment for large lectures I developed ‘classroom clusters’ for a 90 student lecture I was teaching on Mass Comm. This was a way to create inter-activity and collaboration in a large lecture classroom. [a major shortcoming of this was due to the lack of space for team work in the classic theatre-style lecture hall we were in]

Sample Cluster Log an example I gave to students about how their cluster logs (see above) should be formatted