The book

Tear Gas: From the Battlefields of WWI to the Streets of Today
by Anna Feigenbaum

An engrossing century-spanning narrative, Tear Gas is the first history of this weapon, and takes us from military labs and chemical weapons expos to union assemblies and protest camps, drawing on declassified reports and witness testimonies to show how policing with poison came to be.

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1st       BBC Radio 4 –  Thinking Allowed
8th       Brooklyn, USA – Verso Loft
9th       New York, USA – Jackson McNally
29th     Cardiff, UK – Cardiff University, JOMEC/Data Justice Lab
30th     Bristol, UK – Hydra Books

4th       London, UK – Royal Holloway, New Political Comm Seminar Series
10th     Leicester, UK – Human Rights Festival, Secular Society (to be rescheduled)

16th     London, UK – Virtual Futures
17th      Durham, UK – Durham University
19th     Edinburgh, UK – Lighthouse Books
25th     Manchester, UK – Partisan Collective
31st     London, UK – Housman’s books

8th       Philadelphia, USA – Wooden Shoe books
9th       Philadelphia, USA – Temple University Geography and Urban Studies
16th     New Brunswick, USA – Rutgers University
27th     Richmond, USA – Virginia Commonwealth University
28th     Washington DC, USA – University of District of Columbia

1st       Washington DC, USA – The Potter’s House
7th       Tampa, FL, USA – Inkwood books
14th     Miami, FL, USA – Books and books
21st     Kingston, Canada –Surveillance Studies Centre, Queens University
22nd     Ottawa, Canada – Octopus Books (TBC)
23rd Ottawa, Canada – Carelton University (TBC)
27th     Montreal, Canada – Media at McGill, Public Talk at McGill University
28th     Montreal, Canada – Media at McGill, Workshop at McGill University


5th Brooklyn, USA – Interference Archive Talk
7th Brooklyn, USA – Interference Archive Workshop
10-14th New Orleans, USA – American Association of Geographers Conference
16th Los Angeles, USA – USC Annenberg
w/c 23rd Portland, USA
w/c 23rd Seattle, USA


“A vivid history of the time and also – as good radical accounts should be – a source of encouragement to those fighting all too similar battles today”
– Hilary Rose

“There is something epic about Anna Feigenbaum’s Tear Gas, its scope and intensity, the way that chemistry — the orienting science of the industrial revolution — provides the material to manage that revolution’s epic collapse . . . There is crucial knowledge to be found here.”
– Joshua Clover, author of Riot.Strike.Riot

“A passionately argued history of the development and gradual spread of tear gas around the world . . . a clarion call for reassessment of the widespread availability and misuse of tear gas.”
– Patrick Wicklen, Researcher on Arms Control and Human Rights at Amnesty International

“Fascinating, deeply researched and lucid . . . We have become so accustomed to the use of tear gas during protests that it comes as a shock when we realize, in reading this book, how little we know about the longer-term effects of what is in some ways a chemical weapon.”
– Laleh Khalili, author of Time in the Shadows