Security & Policing

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Security technologies include everything from surveillance cameras to biometric scanners, data protection software to perimeter-security fencing. Together they comprise one of the largest, most profitable product sectors in the global economy. My research looks at the corporate communication strategies used to market security technologies to both governments and the private sector. I draw from semiotic analysis, market research and participant-observation carried out at security expos. This research offers insight into how discourses around security and policing are shaped not only through government and military PR (as it is often spread through the mass media), but also by defence technology manufacturers and marketers ranging from major security conglomerates such as Group4Securicor and Magal Security Systems, to telecommunication giants including AT&T and IBM.

Selected Publications

Feigenbaum, Anna and Daniel Weissmann (2016) “Vulnerable warriors: the atmospheric marketing of military and policing equipment before and after 9/11.” Critical Studies on Terrorism 

Feigenbaum, Anna. (2015) “From cyborg feminism to drone feminism: Remembering women’s anti-nuclear activisms.” Feminist Theory 16, no. 3 (2015): 265-288.

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Feigenbaum, Anna. (2012) “Security for Sale! The Visual Rhetoric of Marketing Counter-Terrorism Technologies,” The Poster, 2:1, pp. 75-92.

Feigenbaum, Anna. (2010) “Concrete Needs No Metaphor: Globalised Fences as Sites of Political Struggle,” epehmera: theory and politics in organization, 10:2, pp. 119-133.

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