Alternative Media

photo by: Jennifer Esperanza

photo by: Jennifer Esperanza

Alternative media is an increasingly vital sector that provides alternatives to traditional corporate structures of media production. Most broadly, alternative media are defined as those media outlets that operate apart from mainstream corporate communication. This can include the alternative press, community and pirate radio, independent filmmaking, activist documentary, indymedia and tactical media. While some ‘alternative media’ are tied in part to larger institutions, other ‘autonomous media’ operate outside of these structures. My interests in this area involves how emergent technologies have shaped both the content and strategic deployment of alternative media practices over time. In particular I am interested in how alternative media operates at  sites of protest and political struggle. What happens when newspapers are written in tents? When films are made on mobile phones from street corners? How do protesters mix existing media practices with social movement cultures, to create innovative new forms of alternative media-making?


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Roundtables & Interviews
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