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w/Vyvian Raoul Dangerous weaponry used on refugees with no legal status in Calais New Internationalist 29 January 2016



How the ‘use of force’ industry drives police militarization and makes us all less safe Waging Nonviolence. 5 October 2016.

 The Profitable theatrics of riot control. Al Jazeera America. 2 May 2015


Occupy ArchitectureIcon. 2 April 2015.

atlantic logo          100 Years of Tear Gas The Atlantic. 16 August 2014.

The profitable marriage of military and police tech” Al Jazeera America. 5 September 2014

The National Guard protects Ferguson’s police, not its people” Al Jazeera America. 20 August 2014



Repressing World Cup protests — a booming business for Brazil” Waging Nonviolence. 18 June 2014.


New_Int  “Meet the Protest ProfiteersNew Internationalist March 2014


 “White-washing the water cannon: salesmen, scientific experts and human rights abuses” Open Democracy. 25 Feb 2013.


wnv.logo.square.200 “This weekend, a one-stop-shop to militarize your town” Waging Nonviolence. 24 October 2013.



 “A hundred years of toxic humanitarianism” Open Democracy. 24 July 2013.



    “Teargas: a booming market in repressing dissentThe Guardian. 7 June 2013   



    “Tear Gas is No Humanitarian WeaponSalon.Com (republished from Waging Nonviolence) 5 June 2013


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Broadcast Appearances

‘Invented ‘to shut people up’: European democracy smells of teargas’, RT, 14 June 2013  

Media, Politics and Protest in the Occupy Social MovementCanal Saviour. 17 September 2012  full recording available.




BBC Radio Solent, US Elections, 9 November 2016

    BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed, Protest Camps, 12 October 2016




BBC Radio 3 Freethinking, War and Modern Memory, 13 July 2016

ABC radio        Australian Broadcast Company, 100 Years of Tear Gas, 9 October 2014

BBC Radio Solent, Chemical Weapons in Syria, August 22, 2013


     LBC Radio, G20 Protests in London, June 12, 2013



  “Where cops gas protesters with chemicals banned in warfare” Ricardo Martinez. 24 May 2017.


Sexuality and culture: the appeal of studying gender at university” Liz LIghtfoot. The Guardian. 13 January 2016


the scotsman logo“Insight: We will not be moved, say indy campers” Dani Garavelli. The Scotsman. 5 December 2015. 


The World Cup is like Fashion Week for Brazil’s Security Industry’ Leonardo Bianchi 2 July 2014


America’s next tech export: Nonlethal weapons‘ Evan Hill and Dave Mayers. Aljazeera America. 23 November 2013.


Bahrain boosts supplies of tear gas as instability continues‘ Simeon Kerr. Financial Times. 22 October    2013.


  ‘International community criticises Turkey over tear gas use.’ SES Türkiye. 23 July   2013.


  ‘Indústria de gás lacrimogêneo e bala de borracha ‘bomba’ no mercado’, Folha De S. Paulo. 28 June 2013,


bbc mundo logoEl gas lacrimógeno, un negocio en alza.’ BBC Mundo, 19 June   2013 (this interview was picked up by over 30 Latin American publications)


El negocio de hacer derramar lágrimas’, Pagina 12, 19 June 2013


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